I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.

These four phrases are pure divinity. When you apply these to an old negative memory or an old story of which you no longer want the effects, the memory is lifted and released (at least that has been my personal experience). The powerful memories stored in our subconscious mind effect us on sub-conscious and even conscious levels. They program our actions throughout each day.

The effects are profound. If you happen to have memories of making less-than choices, the effect proves you are unworthy of love and therefore make more choices that will create more of the unworthiness you feel. If you desire to transform your life from the inside out, knowing these four phrases are vital; they are all you’ll ever need to know.

These four phrases come from a Hawaiian therapy for healing called, Ho’oponopono. Practicing as a form of meditation and connection is a great way to release what you do not want to be apart of your life anymore. It is a practice of confession of wrong doing or sin, and a reconciliation or restoration of right relationship.

Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or any other religion and you desire to change your life this form of therapy may work for you. As a healer and seeker myself, I have also experienced EFT therapy and this therapy is very similar in the experience of emotional release and healing from a divine source of love and forgiveness.

How to practice Ho’oponopono (the beginner’s level):

  1. Write down on a piece of paper at least 10 memories that require healing and transformation. (I love Kathrine Zenkina’s example of how to start: the time when…” -taken from “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe”)
  2. Take yourself back to those memories with the five senses and all the feelings that you had felt at that moment in your life.
  3. Speaking to yourself say, “I forgive you…I am sorry…Thank you…I love you.”
  4. Do it for every memory you have.

I hope my process and how I do it reveals to you another way to feel it out yourself and get some results!

My process: All of the above. Except I repeat one phrase over and over until it effects me the way I want it to. For example, “I forgive you.” is meant to free me or release me from the sin or wrong I committed. So I repeat it until I feel that. Sometimes it happens immediately, other times I repeat it. Run it over and over until my subconscious mind picks it up and applies it to the memory.

I also realize that perspective is huge. When you say these phrases, you can say it from the perspective of Jesus, the divine, your higher-self, or you can say it form your finite humanity. For each one of these phrases play with perspective you will know from which perspective to use to get the results you want. And it is freeing! Trust yourself. Trust God. Trust the Universe really does have your highest interest in mind and that you are worthy.

Here’s something else that I noticed in my process. I also noticed that there was a lot of memories that I never forgave myself for. To think that all these memories have been sitting there…unforgiven, unloved, unapologetically ungrateful…These memories harbored feelings unworthiness of all the love, blessing, and abundance God desires for my life.

So my thought is this: There are some of us who feel more intensely toward the others who have wronged us. If this is the case, then forgiveness, love, gratitude, and apology may be better directed toward them in rectifying them in our hearts with the perspectives mentioned above. Or some of us may feel more intensely toward the wrongs we have committed and it may be more useful to speak to ourselves in that moment with these truths that set us free. I believe both ourselves and others are rectified once. But the effectiveness is found in how we focus our attention and connecting to the divine energy of love, forgiveness, gratitude, and omission.

Having gone through this method of healing (as well as EFT therapy treatment), I feel more connected, lighter in spirit, and ready to receive God’s miraculous blessings in my life. Everyday I feel like I am continuously moving forward in life and expanding by love, gratitude, and wholeness.  I love leaving the old behind and being open and able to receive the new and miraculous.

I hope you can join me in seeking healing and wholeness through Ho’oponopono or EFT. It is a divine act of healing and love when you take yourself to the next level by searching out a way to heal and expand whatever it takes. I am a person that never liked complacency too much. In the past I would stir up trouble, now I stir up goodness and the higher levels of consciousness! Let’s not be bored or mediocre in life, therein always more to learn, more to grow into, more to release, more to let go of, and more to receive from this divine experience.


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