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The journey to self-discovery and actually changing from the inside out is an arduous journey! Why try to figure it out alone? My devotional takes the reader through the common irritations and annoyances of human life and flips them on their head to reveal how being the change you wish to see is really where it starts.

Wikipedia has a great article¬†about the mirror neuron. The basic idea is there are neurological receivers and senders of messages in our brains that what we think about we see, and what we see we imitate. I could go all nerdy on you, but will spare you. The “be the change” concept has its validation on the studies revolving around the science of mirror neuron. That in order to change the world you’ve got to change yourself first. When you change yourself first others see YOU and your example, and decide the same positive possibility is an option for them too. On top of that point there is another! Once you transition to set the example and “be the change” you will start to see more of what you want to see. You will no longer pay attention to the negativity that exists in the world. But you will notice a big difference in your friendships, what you attract into your life, your job, and your overall human experience.

You choose your life! You choose to be happy or discouraged, successful and optimistic, or grumpy and tired. Be The Change Devotional encourages and supports as you begin to make a difference in your personal life an in the world!

I hope you find yourself immersed in the pages of this devotional, do the work, and become that self-empowered rockstar woman I know you were born to be!